Daily Prayer List

Rehobeth UMC Prayer Concerns: March 07, 2021

I humbly ask, that each of us pray for God's Holy Church each day and that we seek God's guidance, mercy and grace so that we may be true disciples for Him in everything we think, say and do.  I also humbly ask for your prayers as your minister and shepherd.

                                                                                                                        Pastor David

May we all lift up unto God in daily prayers, the following people for God's consideration of healing, strengthening, comforting by the Spirit as well as, guidance and power to be the child of God, Christ our Lord desires us to be.



Ernestine Ponder

Beth Higgins' (Mother)

Continue To Lift UP:

Kase Baker and Family
Larry Shepherd

Martha Maston
Martha Anderson

Linda Parker

Jim and Annette Powell

Mary Kay Franks

If you know of someone that you feel, needs to be placed on this list, please let pastor David and/or Linda know.